when life gives you lemons...squeeze them fuckers until you get juice

so lifes been not-so-peachy lately...
all of my friends from college graduated without me, I was supposed to graduate with my class, but I needed to finish up 12 credits this summer (4 classes) over a 2 month period between june and july...I was all excited because I thought they would let me walk with my class, but when I went down to Registrar at my school they told me not to even bother filling out a Petition to walk form so I could walk with my class but I wouldn't get my degree until I finished my college that made me down but that was a while ago...
the time comes when everyone is about to graduate, and come to find out, I had made High Honors and the Deans list this year *hooray* and I COULD have graduated with my class, but they wouldn't be able to order me robes and all the special additions I would be getting (ropes for Honors and the Arts, a red, black and silver hood for Fine Arts Bach. Degree, and some other pins and stuff).  So I could have walked, but I couldn't now, it was too late...My parents came up, and so did Gregs - they stayed in the same Hotel 30 minutes away from campus (we live in the WOODS man...NH sucks that way as far as entertainment goes haha but it's beautiful).  I watched everyone walk, and me not there, I cried my eyes out the whole time.  I'm going to miss all my friends so much, and now that everyone is gone it's finally hitting me...I probably wont see most of those people ever again.  Even though I can talk to those people thanks to technology and the internet now, it's not the same as being with someone and having that face-to-face interaction. I'm sure anyone who reads this would understand. Long distance anything stinks.
So I'm dealing with that, plus the fact that I haven't slept in a few days because me and Gregs room gets so hot at night, even though we have an air conditioner... it just doesn't cut it, we wake up a few hours later covered in sweat, and then we cant go back to bed...I thought it was our AC so I went to put another one in the window, and ended up dropping it two stories down and breaking the fucking long story short I was crying my eyes out walking through mud and gross shit to get to the AC and bring it back up to our room and see if it worked, even though I knew it wouldn' now I have to go to Walmart and get a new 200 dollar AC, which is money I don't have, being a Tattoo apprentice with no part time's not the best for making money. 
So my life has been crazy lately...and I decided to go back down to my home town in CT and just relax for a few best friend from back home is having a baby shower on Sat. and I can't wait! She's been having false contractions for a while now, so I might be able to see the baby soon if she has contractions for real sometime soon.
I also got a new tattoo, two actually, but I never posted pictures of the first part of it so I'll post them both once I take a new picture of this one.  It's Muse lyrics "You've got to be the best, you've got to change the world, and use this chance to be heard, your time is now" and I let that heal and yesterday she added Orange and Black stars to the back of the lyrics, it looks so awesome, so I'm excited to post pictures.
Anyway, thats an update on my life thus far...more to come!
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my true eye

hoooo hummmm

Graphic design drives me mad!!!
I missed one of my classes today because I felt like crap, so I went in and painted instead...when I got home I took a bath and felt a little better...
Then came some guitar hero and my senior art show...both of which were awesome =] I saw a bunch of people and saw everyones awesome art, there are some seriously talented kids at my school, makes me kind of jealous =P
I need to post some of my tattoo designs, paintings and photography pretty soon, I'll do it once I actually have the time to upload some stuff once I go through it all, which might take a week or so...but it will be soon!
Time for some south park, this one is supposed to be about the writers strike, so I'm a little pumped for it!
Good night folks!
<3 much love to you all
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So! The worst of my school year is over...finally! My life has been school, my tattooing apprenticeship, senior art show, homework, painting, cleaning, studying....Now I can get down to business and write in my journal a little bit more - I've been so busy making quick posts to G-U-D-U that I completely forgot to write more in here =D silly me!  I really should write in here more, I usually don't have many people to talk to so it would be a nice way for me to get my thoughts out at least somewhere...
Anyway, my birthday is in 2 days! HOORAY! My dad got me a GPS, my mom got me some clothes and an external hard-drive for my photography.  I think Greg and I are going to just hang out around here and maybe watch some movies and see if anyone wants to come chill. It should be a nice quiet weekend for once! I'm getting another tattoo, a koi fish, I think I might name him Earl

He's the sickest thing I've ever seen, and I can't wait to have him be a part of my body art =) I'm putting it on my upper left arm as a half sleeve...I also have a butterfly in the works that I'm drawing up myself to put over an older butterfly on my hip!
I'm also moving in to a new house! Pictures to come later, but it's really cute...the house Greg and I are living in right now is way to big for the three of us and our little kitty....So we're moving into a nice little one bedroom duplex.  It has a HUGE storage area next to the living-room/kitchen which is going to come in handy! I'm so excited =]
I also cut my bangs shorter, my dreads couldn't really be seen behind all my hair, so I snipped them!
I like this one, it's kinda cool looking =]
Anyway, peace out I have homework to finish!
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...theres a first time for everything...

hello all! 
thought i'd get this party started a bit...
i never know where to start with these things, but hello =] um, i love photography, painting, nature and going for walks, dreadlocks, festivals, video games, reading, writing, cartoons, my boy <3 and my friends
i started this livejournal, because sometimes life can get lonely...i have loads of friends and my boy is amazing, but sometimes i want to reach out and talk to someone about my problems that lay on neutral grounds - plus it would help to get my emotions out there to someone other than my cat =D
hmm...what else...i started dreadlocks summer of 07, around the beginning of august - i love them so much, and i can't wait to see them grow and change.   i live in a little house with my boy and our two cats, i'm a full time college student and a tattoo/piercing apprentice, as well as a photographer.
anyway, i'll have more posts to come, have a wonderful day friends!
namaste <3
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